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Lockout Padlocks are used to defend against unauthorized access of energy source that is being locked off. These locking devices offer resistant to ultraviolet rays, chemical agents, high temperatures, electrical conduction, etc. They come with lock labels which are useful in keeping everything organized and updated to accommodate any unexpected change. We are one of the leading suppliers of lockout padlocks and other lockout products in UAE.

There are different types of lockout padlocks in the market with unique characteristics. The thing that differentiate these lockout padlock is the shackle material. It could be either Chrome Steel (used for machinery or equipment), Stainless Steel (suitable for outdoor use) or Plastic (prevent electrical contact during maintenance and repair work). 

They are also available in different colours, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Brown, Black, Violet, Grey, Orange and White. This ensures high visibility and mark out access areas for the workers responsible for the repair and inspection work. The keys of lockout padlock are designed in compliance with OSHA, “One Employee, One Lock, One Key”. This ensure that duplicate keys are not issued.

Suppliers of Lockout Padlock in Dubai, UAE

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